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custom software solutions development

Efficiency is the biggest focus of companies all around the world. The end expectation is to get most out of every process by investing minimum time and money. To fulfil this expectation, companies arrange trainings and workshop, employ different strategies, etc. While some companies do this, others resort to automation.

custom software solutions development

This blog will reveal how automation is not the solution for accelerating delivery cycle. It can be one of the factors, but seldom does in work alone. The key is to enhance the processes with focus on each stage of development lifecycle.

Automation Is Not the Solution

Automation is often thought of as a means of achieving greater efficiency with minimum long term investment. This motivates companies to opt for machines and computers rather than human. Preference is given to artificial intelligence and machine learning over human intelligence. In some cases, this approach works perfectly. But, it does not appear to be a permanent solution.

There are a couple of reasons behind failure of automation as a sole solution. One of the many reasons is dependability. Generally, the custom software solutions development processes involve many stages. Automating one level or stage is not sufficient because other stages are still working at the pace that they were. As a result, there is imbalance between the levels of output.

Sometimes, companies start giving incentives or motivate employees to work at faster pace to meet the level of output. However, this is not sufficient because this is a temporary solution. Eventually, employees will stop working at the required pace out of boredom or tiredness. Therefore, experts recommend doing holistic process enhancements.

Process Enhancements Is the Way to Go

You would be wondering if automation is not considered process enhancement. It sure is. But, the point is to have a make-over of the entire process. There are a few keys to process enhancements. Let’s look at them in detail:

  1. Continuity: A process involves multiple stages. For example, concept designing, developing, testing, etc. Now imagine a situation where development has been automated but designing is manual. In this case, irrespective of the capability of the custom software solutions development, the quantity of output depends on the processing at the concept designing stage. Therefore, there is a need for enhancements that increase the continuity factor across all stages.
  2. Agility: The desire to maximize output depends on each stage’s ability to process quickly. As discussed above, automating one stage will not provide desired output quantity. The need is to have all the stages work at a pace that is harmonious with each other avoiding massive pending workload for one stage. There adopting measures like aides that can facilitate the work of the team members is better than automating the entire process.

Automation can certainly make difference to how your process works. It proves to be more effective when your processes incorporate automation as a whole rather than focusing on one single aspect of the stages involved in the entire process. Share your success stories of incorporating automation with us in the comments section below.

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