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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is nothing but the integration of mobile technology in the corporate world. Enterprise mobility solutions make it possible for the employees to work away from the office as well, without any hassle. Also, they can use their mobile phones and the cloud services to manage their activities. Enterprise mobility solutions are not only related to the employees, in fact, they have helped the company become more mobile oriented as well. For example, it has become easy to use iPads in the meetings as well. There is a huge potential of the enterprise mobility solutions. At the same time, it is transforming the complete infrastructure of the corporate world as well.

Businesses have realized the importance enterprise mobility and therefore, many companies have started adopting various interesting and valuable enterprise mobility solutions. These solutions not only help them to enhancing the quality of their processes, but they also help to increase the productivity of their employees. That is why more than 71% firms have stated that mobility is surely a priority to stay competitive. Even many enterprise mobility companies have started acknowledging the immense growth of the industry as well, therefore, they are coming up with new solutions, devices, programs and tools to revolutionize the enterprise mobility landscape.

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility are on a roll

Enterprise mobility has grown rapidly and according to the market reports, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is expected to touch the $73.30 billion by the year, 2021. This means, that there has to be some mind-blowing new techniques which are invented to boost the use of enterprise mobility solutions. We have seen a huge surge in the corporate mobility and BYOD culture. Though, enterprise mobility demand some bit of investment, but the great ROI makes the investments fruitful. Enterprise mobility is getting a boost from the corporates, because it is helping the firms in a plenty of ways. Starting from helping them to hire more remote workers, to enabling the workforce to improve their productivity by using the mobile devices for work, BYOD seems to have helped the firms in many ways.

Latest enterprise mobility and BYOD trends

  • Correlation with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is surely a massive steering force which is leading to a better corporate performances. Now, AI is also making a huge impact on the enterprise mobility world. As, most of the companies have very happily accepted the use of AI, they are even very keen to adopt AI based mobility solutions for their businesses. AI is surely going to be a great technology for each and every industry, and not only the IT sector. Now, when it comes to the blend of AI with enterprise mobility, it will be done to make the devices more useful. Also, AI also seems to have a lot of capability to rectify the cyber security issues. Also, it is one of those technologies which will have a major impact on the profitability of a business. Also, the Artificial Intelligence based security solutions are meant to develop safer environment for the expansion of BYOD culture.

  • High-quality encryption solutions

Passcode enforcement is considered as one of the most important steps for data protection. Also, when it comes to the increased use of enterprise mobility solutions, encryption becomes all the more important. Mobility solutions providers have started realizing the importance of protected communication channels. Therefore, they have started building much stronger encryption based programs, which are tremendously beneficial for the firms. All such high-level encryption programs help the firms to stay away from the cyber-attacks. As, it is cost incurred because of the cybercrimes are huge.

Enterprise mobility is growing immensely because of a lot of reasons. And, one of the reasons is the coming up of new technology. With this, it seems that the enterprise mobility industry is only going to grow and grow, because the companies have started adopting more enterprise mobility solutions than ever!

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