What’s up with the ‘Beautygate’ effect and quality of selfies in iOS 12.1?

iOS 12.1 selfie camera

From the day Apple has launched its new iPhone XS, the company has been dealing with various questions related to the camera of the device. Also, there have been a few reports both by the experts and media which have been criticizing the front camera of the phone. Some of the users have said that the front camera of the iPhone over smoothens the skin. And, it is not looking at the best of the cameras. Some users of Samsung have also noticed that this beauty is a filter. However, when it comes to Apple, they have mostly denied any rumors related to the usage of any such filters.

Let’s explore Beautygate

Apple’s latest iPhone, such as XS, Xs Max, and XR, has certainly developed very intellectually and is considered the best phone of the generation. And, all of them have the most amazing camera as well. Also, in most of the reviews about these new iPhones, people have extensively praised the rear cameras. Also, Apple’s Smart HDR feature is one of the most talked about feature of the present time.

Though, plenty of users have been saying that it feels like the front camera is smoothening the face and there seems to any kind of a beauty effect. Also, lately even Apple has accepted the ‘Beautygate’ problem. Also, they had immediately promised to rectify the problem related to the front camera by when they present the iOS 12.1 version.

Apple hinted at rectifying the issue with iOS 12.1 update

Even an Apple spokesperson accepted that this camera related problem is due to the Smart HDR function, and the company is trying its best to fix it immediately, and iPhone iPad App Developers was waiting for an update, which now fixed. However, Apple is completely disagreeing to the fact that they have intentionally added this beautification filters. They are denying any reports stating that this feature inspired by the beautification feature used by Samsung for its Galaxy smartphones.

The main reason for the problem is the Smart HDR feature. This feature chooses a frame with a long shutter speed at the time. It leads to a lack of detail and thus, the skin becomes soft. Ideally, it should be selecting the frame with less shutter speed, as this enables the phone to capture more detailing and which in turn limits the blur which is a result of the lack of stabilization.

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Apple was expected to solve this problem with iOS 12.1. People were anticipating the quick launch of the new OS for all the iPhone and iPad who are presently running iOS 12. Not even this, iOS 12.1 was also expected to rectify some other issues as well.  And, it believes that iOS 12.1 will certainly promote sustainability as well as the iPhone’s performance.

Did beauty give made better?

With iOS 12.1 Apple has not just fixed the fix issue related to a smart HDR camera system, but it has also improved the camera for selfies.  Therefore, now, people can now expect the Smart HDR feature will select only the right base for HDR processing when a user clicks any selfies.  With the iOS 12.1 release, the system will be upgraded to select only the sharpest base frame when taking selfies; for HDR merge.

iPhone users can see the difference, and they feel that now their selfie-taking experience is not just a lot really, but also a lot improved. Hence, Apple has done a decent job by rectifying this ‘Beautygate’ issue.

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