Top Feature Predictions that we may expect in Android 10

In the age of advanced technology and ever upgrading smartphones, the world’s largest mobile operating system, Android is going to release its version 10 or Android Q very soon. Reports are that the beta version for the Android Q will start hitting some phone very soon and will be available for public phones in the coming months.

When it comes to the latest version launch of the Google-owned operating system, the anticipations go high and everyone talks about the new features what it will carry with it. Here professional Android app developers are going to find the top features that we may expect in the next version of Android – that is Android Q.

  • Android on Tap

This is one of the most anticipated features which was expected during the launch of Android 9 as well. Earlier called the Project Treble, this feature enables the users to easily upgrade their smartphones to the latest version of OS. When it comes to the Android operating system, it is very slow in upgrading the phone to the latest version and the fear of data loss is always there. However, with this Android on Tap feature, any user can upgrade their phone with the help of a small file and if a bug occurs, the user can go to the previous version with a single click.

  • The feature of Native Call Recording

A must-need app nowadays in almost every mobile phone is a call recorder. It helps the user in saving a track of all the phone calls he attends and can take them as proof whenever required. This feature was available in the phone with the help of downloading a custom app but that wasn’t a full proof method. However, in the recent past, many of the mobile phones such as One Plus, Oppo, Xiomi has allowed a built-in feature of call recording. But now it is predicted that the newer version of Android will have the by-default option of native call recording and it will be installed automatically whenever this OS gets activated in the phone.

  • Multiple Navigation Options

As the technology has upgraded itself, now a majority of the smartphones have started to be released in full-screen mode. With now almost all the buttons have been taken away from the phone, it basically operates from the gesture view and swipes away view which opens the window of having multiple navigations in your smartphone which will make it user-friendly and will offer user-rich experience.

  • Native Screen Recording

Now, this is something that will be new and will take the experience of operating a smartphone to the next level. There come certain moments when a user needs to show what exactly he is doing in the smartphone and for that, he needs to take the help of some other phone to record his activities. But now in Android 10, the option of native screed recording will allow to record the activities performed in the phone and save it as a video just like you do it in your laptop or computer.

  • Complete Dark Mode

The feature of dark mode has become very popular in the last couple of years and the majority of the apps have started to release their own version of dark mode. Apps like YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook are already working in this direction. But with the new version of Android is about to release, we may hope that this OS of Android is going to carry the feature of enabling complete dark mode on the phone and will give a unique experience to the user altogether.

These are some of the top features that we may predict in the upcoming version of Android.

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About the Author: Vijay Aegis

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