What Are PCD Pharma Company India

What Are PCD Pharma Company India

PCD is an acronym for Propaganda-Cum-Distribution. This is a marketing tool which is used in the pharmaceutical industry. The concept refers to the marketing and distribution of products under authorised rights.  In India, there is a large number of pharma companies which distribute the products in all parts of the world.


PCD Pharma Company in India was a concept that the Britishers brought in the early 19th century. The premise was to sell the leftover drugs from their market in India at a higher price so that their market doesn’t get too much affected. To make sure the product was sold they used to over amplify the use of the drugs which would cause more people to buy the product and since not many Indians were working in the pharma companies all the profit was going to the Britishers. Once the independence was gain, India started to make their own medicinal products which they sold in the market both in the country and abroad and since have more pharma companies in the country than any other country in the same period.


The original purpose of opening PCD pharma company in Ahmedabad was so that the British companies could sell the products which were not sold in their market at a higher price and since not many new about these drugs and what they were used for and how much they cost nobody would protest. Post-independence India has kept the concept of the selling of the medicinal part and now has spread these companies to every corner so that the medicinal drug could reach everyone. The main purpose of these companies in India now is that they are able to reach areas where otherwise medicines would be tough to get.


  1. The market is vast and product reach is to every corner of the country.
  2. It covers remote areas so the travelling cost is less.
  3. A better alternative to the pharmacy’s which while having a larger area has limited reach.
  4. The government has laws which has made possible that the cost of these drugs is less.

PCD Pharma Company in India is a great way to sell medicinal drugs to the remote areas of the country as well as it provides a great amount of economy. Moreover, opening a PCD company is not very difficult and the government has no restriction against someone opening a PCD pharma company as long as they are able to fill the necessary documents.

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