What does Invisalign cost?

Considering treatment with clear aligners? Why not explore your options with a free scan and assessment. With more providers allowing you to fully check your suitability and see potential results without commitment and explore Invisalign cost London.

Treatment with clear aligners have grown in popularity, due to how simple they are to use; a removable orthodontic device that you can take out whilst eating and is almost completely invisible in daily social interactions!

Value and price of clear aligners

The costs are substantial and vary considerably among patients; this is why it’s so important to have a neutral consultation with a qualified dental expert who is not trying to push your product on you. These free consultations which include a full oral-scan and the assessment of how the treatment would play out are very helpful, giving you the benefit of hindsight before your treatment so you know what to expect before choosing if you wish to invest in yourself.

Depending on which treatment course is appropriate for you, the prices will vary. From £1500 to £5000

Ongoing maintenance costs

Any ongoing maintenance costs or additional costs outside of the packages are strictly optional. For instance, cleaning crystals (which are an excellent way to maintain the hygiene of an aligner) are not strictly necessary and thorough rinsing under cold water would suffice. But many patients choose to go the extra step in keeping their aligners immaculate and find the dissolvable cleaning crystals very useful. Often, they work as an overnight wash for dentures but they have a far more accelerated time frame.

The only additional costs that could occur is related to damage or the misplacement or loss of an aligner. The sequence that aligners are used in is critical to treatment and the shape of each aligner is unique; you can’t simply skip to the next aligner in the sequence. In the event that one has become damaged or mislaid, replacement can be produced as a priority and rapidly shipped out to the clinic, so the treatment can continue with minimum disruption but this does incur an additional cost.

How do clear aligners compare with other treatments?

Clear aligners can be difficult to compare to other orthodontic treatments as they do not have a reasonable analogy. It really depends on how you value subtle and convenient treatment. Children typically wear metal or fitted braces as these are the most reliable for them and are free on the NHS if the child is under the age of 18.

Among adults the equation is quite different; not only is the cost of traditional orthodontic care important, but using a metal brace has other factors beyond financial considerations. The cost in social or professional prestige can be far more significant than for a high school student, with the need for public speaking or presentations becoming significant obligations.

The costs associated with orthodontic treatment are insignificant; that is why we offer financing options with no interest payments that allow you to spread out the cost of dental care. We feel that removing the barriers to good quality oral health is important and along with the free screening and pre-consultation, it is part of the commitment to good business practices.

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