Why You Should Weatherproof Your Home with Water Proofing Liquid

Your home is your shelter from life and the weather. So, the first thing you need to do is make it safe. An important part of that is waterproofing your home. Water can cause a lot of damage to the structure and to everything inside a house — from your health to rotting the furniture. But waterproofing is not just about keeping the rain out of the house. It also helps in regulating the internal humidity of the house.

There are a few ways of waterproofing a house — sheet membrane, water proofing liquid bentonite waterproofing, metal oxide waterproofing, cementitious waterproofing. The liquid method is usually the most popular. But let us first understand why we need waterproofing.

Benefits Of Waterproofing

Protecting your interior

The first function of a house is to provide a warm and dry interior. It is the shell that stands between us and a harsh sun and pelting rains. Protection from the sun is comparatively easy, but protection from water is not as unchallenging. Even a gentle drizzle will eventually penetrate the structure and you will see damp patches on the walls. It can effect every part of the house — form the roof to the walls and the foundation. Cement, concrete and steel is often too inadequate for proper waterproofing. You will need something with an additional edge.

Preventing health problems

Moisture in the house is not just bad for its structure, but also for the people who live in it. The damp in the wall encourages mold and mildew growth, which gives rise to spores in the air. These spores are a health hazard when they enter our airways. It is what gives rise to cold, especially in people susceptible to allergies. The best way to ensure this is by prevention. Waterproofing your home with methods like water proofing liquid is the first basic step for effective prevention.

Protecting the value of the property

Building a home is a considerable investment. Without proper waterproofing, however, you are lowering the returns you can get on your investment. Your home will become vulnerable to water seepage from outside. Over time, this will affect the walls and the foundation. Eventually the walls will have ugly damp patches and the foundation itself will get weaker. The overall value of your property will be lowered.

Protecting valuables in the house

Apart from the people in the house, water seepage is harmful to almost everything you own. It will first effect the timber of the walls and floors, such as skirting, door jambs, doors, floors, and door frames. These will swell and start to splinter. Metals like steel beams and lintels will start corroding. Hence, waterproofing your home can help in prolonging the life of other durables in it.

Saving money in the long-term

Waterproofing solutions may seem expensive. But it is an expense that can save you considerable money in the long-run. It protects your property form long term damage and thereby, helps in protecting your initial investment. It also protects you and your family from health problems, saving you recurring costs in medical care. But most importantly, it saves you the unnecessary hassle and expense of spot fixing the problem as water damage starts to make it appearance around the house structure.

Using Water Proofing Liquid

Water proofing liquid is one of the most popular methods of waterproofing a construction. It has many advantages over more traditional means such as using pre-formed membranes.

  • It is very easy to apply.
  • It forms impermeable bonds, which means more effective waterproofing.
  • It is the most seamless method of waterproofing. It is a monolithic system that does not need joints. Hence, there are no weak points.
  • It is easy to apply on complex geometries or on complicated contour
  • It is easy to fix and repair.
  • It does not weather under environmental corrosives.

These various factors make water proofing liquid the most popular choice in weatherproofing.

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