Your Daily Kitchen Hygiene Practice Drive Good Health of Family

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A dirty kitchen is a house of several bacteria and diseases. It doesn’t matter if you have installed world’s best kitchen hardware fittings to your modular kitchen, if you fail to maintain them, you cannot enjoy cooking in your own kitchen. This place is among the busiest areas of your home and it is obvious to see dirt and grime on the cabinets, shelves, and kitchen hardware and appliances. You need to clean all those knobs and pulls to prevent growth of bacteria and viruses.

What you need to do to clean your modular kitchen?

Act instantly – Clean up the kitchen after cooking immediately

There are certain areas that require regular cleaning and to maintain good hygiene practice, you must clean these areas.

  • Sink – It is your duty to check there is no residue of food or garbage in the sink. This will prevent your plumbing issues. Be gentle on your sink by using mild soap for rinsing instead of chlorine-based corrosive liquids. If you have installed steel sink, don’t use steel wool a it will leads to scratches. Nylon scrubber will do the perfect job. Kill all the germs at the end by using a mixture of water and vinegar. This solution will eliminate all the unwanted odor from the sink.
  • Hob – To prevent crusty layer on the hob, you must clean and wipe the spillage immediately after cooking. If there are oil stains on the backsplash, you can use spray club soda or simple soap and water with cloth.
  • Countertop – If you wish for shiny and smooth countertop for your kitchen, use organic cleaning agents or soft formulas for cleaning them. Harsh chemicals will lead to dull and rough countertops. They will also kill the smooth finish of the surface. It is important to wipe the surface with disinfectant once a day. For tough stains, you can use warm water and soap mix.
  • Cabinets – You must check that all the cabinets are well closed, especially when you are cooking anything. Opened cabinets may get sticky insides and it will increase your workload. Never put wet utensils inside the cabinets as it will lead to bacteria growth.
  • Floor – Just like your other rooms in the house, kitchen floor needs your daily attention. Wipe the floor at the end of the day if there is spillage.

Weekend Chores of Modular Kitchen Maintenance

It depends on the frequency of modular kitchen use to maintain it and keep it as good as new.

Here are some tasks you need to perform according to the use of modular kitchen space-

  • Cleaning Tiles – If you really want to keep your tiles shiny and like new, use a solution of water and baking soda. For tough coffee stains and juice marks, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia water will do the trick. You can scrub with toothbrush to clean all the stains between tiles.
  • Empty and disinfect Garbage bin – Clean the garbage bin using hot water. You can wipe it with disinfectant after cleaning and sun-dry to kill all the bacteria and germs.
  • Cabinets – Empty your kitchen cabinets and wipe the surface once a week. For this, you can make water and vinegar solution. Leave them open and let them air-dry first before arranging the items.
  • Microwave – If you regularly use microwave, clean it inside-out once a week at least. To do that, simply put a water bowl with some lemon slices and microwave it for 5 minutes. The vapors will gather on the walls, wipe them all. Use this water for outer cleaning.
  • Refrigerator – We usually restock our fridge every week. It’s our duty to keep it clean and we all can do it with less efforts. Before restocking your refrigerator, empty the machine and clean all the shelves using soft cloth. Go easy on stains to avoid scratches. In case your fridge is giving off a foul smell, put the half-cut lemon inside.
  • Towels – Towels are best choices over napkins. If you are also using kitchen towels, wash them weekly (depending on the usage). Dirty towel can become the breeding ground for bacteria and this will be enough to make you ill. Always carry the extra set for emergencies.

Monthly Checkup of Modular Kitchen

Your cabinet hardware requires attention at the end of every month. It develops grime over time and makes your kitchen look so dull. Your kitchen taps get oily at the surface and you need to wipe them and maintain their shine. Your kitchen appliances gather dirt when you don’t use them regularly. You must clean every appliance to prevent malfunctioning of the device during the need.

You can use bleaching powder to disinfect kitchen pipes and for leak-free plumbing. You can easily replace your damaged kitchen hardware fittings with the help of professional assistance. Modular kitchen needs constant attention and care. Your daily hygiene practice will drive good health of everyone in the family.

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