Why Choose An App Like Gojek To Start Business in Cambodia

App Like Gojek

On-demand apps are the future of conventional ways of doing business. These apps are tailor-made to suit the on-demand needs of a particular group of audiences. For instance, people in Indonesia prefer to book a moto ride as it’s the fastest way to commute there.

While, in the United States, people may prefer to book a taxi as the roads are wider and traffic is passable. A Gojek clone app In Cambodia is the perfect solution for businesses that want to start locally and expand internationally or establish a successful on-demand service business.

Things That Users Expect From An On-Demand Service App In Cambodia.

7 Reasons To Choose An App Like Gojek

When developing and launching the app, ensure that the Gojek-like app includes all of these essential items.

#1. Easy search and filter option

Customers will download and install the app to find the products or services they need in the first place. So, why add to their trouble?

So, add an easy search and filter option so the customers can find exactly what they need without having to scroll infinitely through the app.

#2. Graphically illustrated push notifications

The opening rate of push notifications is higher than the emails. Implying that users engage better with these graphically represented push notifications.

These notifications are the best way to tell your customers about the new launches, offers, and even the up-to-minute status of their order/service provider.

#3. Live order tracking

Suppose a customer who’s ordered their first proper meal after spending the entire day working cannot resist their hunger. Would you want to inflate their frustration by not providing them with the ‘track your order’ feature?

Well, no! Therefore, the Gojek clone app In Cambodia includes an in-built app that uses the devices’ geolocation to tell the live location of their order or the service provider.

In short, with this feature, the users can locate the service provider, such as the delivery driver, in real-time.

#4. Reviewing and rating

The facility of rating and reviewing is an important part of pushing the sales as it gives customers the sense that someone is listening to their opinion.

Third-party reviewing portals are okay, but nothing impacts more like the feature of reviewing and rating on the same on-demand services app.

#5. Easy registration process

Users are tired of registering processes that go on and on. They are now searching for mobile apps that provide them with a short-format registration format, such as signing up using social media credentials.

The Gojek clone app users In Cambodia can also sign up on the app using their email address or phone number!

#6. In-app chatting and calling feature

With comfort and convenience, the users also look forward to a digital platform that takes care of their security.

The app includes an internet chatting and calling feature that saves users from sharing their numbers with the service provider.

This feature comes in handy for users who want to communicate with the hired service provider or ask away queries and questions.

#7. Integration of local payment gateway

While discussing the on-demand app security, another thing that may pop into many heads is – “where are all the transaction data and credit card data saved?”

Well, the Gojek clone app only integrates local payment gateways of the country to ensure that every precious data is safely secured in the right hands! For instance, the app integrates the gateway system that the entrepreneur wishes like:

  • Omise payment gateway in Thailand and Singapore
  • Paymaya payment gateway in the Philippines
  • Zoop payment gateway in Brazil
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and the USA


These are only a handful of features that you may want to integrate into your on-demand Gojek clone app. The availability and accessibility of all these highly demanded features make this app one of the best business preferences in 2022.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the most amazing app of all time.

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