Why should Microsoft Dynamics Business Central be your new accounting software?

Dynamics 365 BC

Imagine if your business had an option to subscribe to new accounting software. Of course, you would want the best software product available on the market.

What if we told you that the company that provides reliable operating systems like Windows to one and a half billion computers worldwide was in charge of your accounting and that it happens as easy as writing documents in MS Word?

Yes, one of the best software companies in the world, Microsoft, has an amazing business solutions lineup. From Customer Relations Management to accounting, they offer the gold standard in business SaaS offerings.

Why should Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central be your new accounting software?

So, first of all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central(BC) ​is Microsoft’s ‘newest small businesses’ ERP product lineup, made available for use and deployment by the end of October 2018.

The service started in 19 countries, including the United States and Canada. It is a revamp of their more popular name Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition, and has also dawned the official name of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” project.

This was done to bring the whole scale NAV functionality to Business 365 and is specifically the OG on Microsoft’s NAV roadmap, offering deployment of both the hybrid and the ‘on-premises type of cloud service options as part of the broader and more vast array of offerings by Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC software spectrum.

Intuitive UI:

One of the most amazing things that stand out from the competition is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC has made accounting software easy and simple to use.

This new, improved UI has enabled happy customers and users to drive up their productivity by miles saving them precious time, coupled with a one-a-kind screen format that maximizes space and keeps the numbers cleanly put.

This has radicalized the accounting software, clearly impressing its users regarding its functionality and uncomplicatedness.

As with any other Microsoft software, there is a system command for any operations you might need. Also, it features a menu bar and a prominent back button to leave the current window and jump back to the previous one.

Also, the ‘Tell Me’ feature has transcended the reach of a user to search for documents, pages, or reports, helping users access their requirements in virtually three clicks.

More improvement features include enabling commands from the active window and online tech/help support.

Intelligent Edge:

A company like Microsoft, which has a set base of consumers and a robust lineup of software solutions, knows how to bring efficiency and performance to its user’s best.

Microsoft’s homegrown service ‘intelligent edge’ provides top-level solutions to these small businesses that they might find hard to develop, such as PowerApps (an application studio to work along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC), Flow (a processes and task automation software), as well as employs Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide insightful and highly productive and actionable prompts to enable customers to run their accounting in a more efficient and personalized way.

This incredibly​​ enhanced practicability provides the users with a seamless and problem-free environment to work with the Microsoft Power BI and Business Central.

Advanced features include the smart deployment of Microsoft BI reports from the instant you sign in through Business Central.

Who can edit AI reports, correct, work upon, and format without ever leaving the software window, including filtering, slicing, drilling through the data, and performing necessary number crunching?

Easy Accessibility:

The new face of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central is all about providing as much accessibility to its customers and users.

One such feature that immensely improves productivity while working with large amounts of data is allowing users to cut, copy or paste ​rows or columns of data values to wherever they want inside Business Central.

This is (since, of course, Microsoft’s brainchild) also alternatively allows its users to cut, copy or paste data from Business Central datasheets to MS Excel and vice versa, copying data from Excel and pasting it into Business Central.

Another intuitive and simple accessibility feature is providing permissions to certain sensitive data per the employee’s requirement, maintaining abstraction and security.

Every business is unique in its own right, and different employees have different access and requirements, which are conveniently and efficiently managed in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Access permission ​is customizable, allowing customers to provide what is needed and hide what is not from certain employees, increasing performance.

Following its simple and flat UI, who can now avail of a new feature called the filtering pane on one side of pages or reports where primary data such as the directories and files are neatly organized.

This simple approach enables the user to filter out the data, reports, or worksheets one needs in just a few clicks. This is done by a filtering process much like how you search files on Windows.

Small Businesses need a hassle-free, easy to deploy, and one that improves their efficiency, performance, and production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development is just that, brought to you by the company that knows how to serve its billions of loyal customers and users.

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