How Changing Profiles has Made Vehicles Better?

We understand how technology has changed our life and everything in it. It has made our life more efficient, giving us means to improve every facet of each element around us. Apart from giving us newer elements, it has shown us how we can use the same old material in a more efficient manner. This applies to modes of transportation as well. Technology has made vehicles like buses, lighter, faster, more fuel efficient and affordable. This is largely in part due to the development of bus body profiles India.

Why do the material for bus profiles matters?

To make lighter vehicles

Vehicles have become considerably lighter than they were in they were in the late 1800s when they first came into existence. Those early cars looked majestic, but were actually quite heavy. Buses started off with a weightier beginning as well. Today the focus in the automotive industry has shifted to lighter vehicles because the loss in weight brings efficiency.


One of the most impressive developments in the automotive industry is how fast our automobiles are today. The average car today is twice as fast as it was just 40 years ago. The average speed of cars in the US was 145 hp in 1976. Today this average speed is up to 283 hp. The fastest car today can give you a whopping 840 horsepower.

So, how does the material of the automobile matter? The material of the car is, in fact, one of the major detriment in making a car faster. Simply put, the lighter material is easy for the engine to pull, making the automobile faster. The same logic applies to heavier vehicles like buses as well. The difference in weight is even more striking here. But increase in speed is not a huge concern when it comes buses, which are meant more for transportation than speed. Yet, the increase in average speed is equally important here and it has been made possible because of lighter bus body profiles India.

Rate of acceleration

It is not just that cars are considerably faster, they can also accelerate quickly. The top of the range cars today can go from 0 to full power in a matter of seconds. So, vehicles are not just faster, they also reach their full speed with little effort. Where does this speed efficiency comes from? It comes from the engine. The more efficient the engine, the quicker it can work and pull the vehicle with it. The lighter parts make this possible. The engine can pull a lighter vehicle quickly.

More fuel efficient

This is directly related to the efficiency of the engine. The lighter vehicle puts less stress on the engine, which makes it more efficient. It means it requires less power to run. Apart from development of the engine, the lighter bus body profiles India just made it more efficient. Even today the emphasis in on getting better mileage from our engines.


This has always been a huge struggle. For any invention to become really popular, it has to be affordable enough for mass production. Cars and buses may still seem expensive to many of us, but the truth is that more and more people can now afford their own set of wheels. What has made this possible? The main driver in this has been technology. With technology, we have found materials that can be mass produced at an economic rate. Manufacturing technology became more efficient, which meant we could produce things at the faster rate, which gave us scale of economy. Take for instance the bus body profiles India. Many these are polymers, which are cheaper and quicker to produce. We are increasingly moving towards hybrid materials that are engineered specifically to allow us multiple benefits and bringing down overall costs.


How does the right material increase a vehicle’s safety? Polymers like EPDM are increasingly used in certain critical safety parts in vehicles, particularly for sealing parts. There are only some material that can fit this requirement and polymers are perfect for the role. Rubber was the traditional material. Polymers have replaced rubber. They are not just more affordable, they are also more durable. As a sealing bus body profiles India, the structure of polymers is unique which allows for a firm grip that does not degenerate with frequent use.

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