How Do We Develop Your On Demand Gojek Clone App?

gojek clone 2022

Developing a Gojek like App is as Strenuous as Climbing the World’s Steepest and Tallest Cliff – Canada’s Mount Thor! Pull your Socks Up because you are about to begin the Most Formidable and Back-Breaking Task of your Lives

This Masterpiece has been Crafted Meticulously and with Sheer Perfection that it is Next to Impossible to Create its Exact Replica! But There’s No Harm in Trying!

The Technique And Routine Drill To Code Gojek Clone App!

No Need for you to Get Worked Up and Freak Out once I Tell you that you have got to Cough Up At Least Quarter of a Million US Dollars!

And that you have to Set Aside 8-10 Years of Your Life before you can even Think of Launching this Super App. But Hey! Stay Self-Motivated and Pumped because your Efforts will Bear Fruit!

Step 1: Which Services Your Gojek Clone Script Will Offer?

You Need to Have a Clear-Cut Idea about Which All Specific Services you’d be offering through your Online Platform which is Completely Automated.

Being the First Generation of Entrepreneurs in your Family, you’d have a Lot of Questions! I’m here just for that! Allow Me to Show You the Way.

To create this Unambiguous and Explicit List, you have to seek Professional Assistance from Market Researchers!

Because it is them who’d Conduct All-Inclusive and Methodical Surveys to Unearth the Latest Trends in Consumer Behaviorism and Decode Which All Services are Highest in Demand.

Step 2: You Need To Recruit The Best It Professionals Out There!

Android Developers, an iOS Developer, PHP Experts, a Systems Analyst, Database Analysts, Content Writers, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

It is these Mobile App Developers who’d be Coding the Crucial Gojek Clone App Components which are as Follows:-

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Store App
  • Website and Admin Panel

Step 3: First Design The Skeleton Of Gojek Like App

In the Mobile Tech Industry, We Call it Coding a Working Model of the Prototype First. That itself will take 3-4 Years!

If you are Thinking that you are Now an Inch Closer to Launch the App, then I Hate to Poke your Bubble! Because the Work has just begun!

Your Tech-Savvy Team would have to Put in Their Blood, Sweat and Tears into scraping out a Fully-Functional App for you.

I can Only Give a Rough Estimate that this Process of Transformation should take At Least a Couple of Years Extra.

And if your Team Continues to Work with such Determination Consistently, then by the End of the Sixth Year, you’ll Have a Feature-Rich and 82+ Services embedded in its DNA.

Step 4: Now That You Have An App, You Can’t Just Launch It!

Yes, You Heard Me Just Right! You have got to Test the Functionality of the App in the Real-World Environment! The First Step is to get your App Beta-Tested for a Period of Over Six-Months.

Then, Switch to the Second and the Last Stage of Testing! It is so because Market-Testing will Take a Minimum of Nine Months.

Hooray! Your App has been Successfully Tested and is Bug-Free!

Step 5: Approach Google Play Store And Ios App Store!

You are Now Officially Ready to Launch your App on Both the Stores. There You Go, You Have Gone Live with your App by the End of the Eighth Year!

Now Be Ready to Flooded with Huge Net Profits! You’d be Easily Raking in Billions of US Dollars Every Single Month!


But What if I Tell you that there is another Way to Get your Hands on this Super App Script? Just Buy a Ready-Made Multi-Services App Solution from a Credible and Trustworthy White-Labeling Firm like us who have Decades’ worth Experience in Launching such Mature Apps on a Regular Daily Basis!

Contact us Right this Second and Secure the Future of your Next Ten Generations.

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