How Versatile Door Handles Are? How Many Types Are Available?

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Door handles manufacturers explain the product door handle as a kind of mechanism made of two or more simple parts and used to open or close the doors with ease.

Door knobs or door handles are although tough to pin point at a certain time of history but it seems to appear a lot later that the door locks. It is found that in ancient Egypt the doors of pyramids and other monuments were locked with a help of surface rims. It is possible that the doors were open by the help of iron or bronze rods that time.

Whereas the first known document of a door handle is known to be connected to eighteen seventy eight an inventor named Osborn Dorsey who asked for a patent for a device to open and close the door in united states patent office. This invention then changed the history of interior decoration and later on made door handles an essential part of interior decorations.

We can also distribute door handles in certain categories as below.

Lever Handles are the most commonly used handles in households and public places. These handles connect to the doors with a lever mechanism which is connected inside with a tension rod or spring to push and pull the bolt in the connected door support.

  • Back plate lever handle are the traditionally styled handles which may or may not contain the key hole attached to them to support a lock system generally.
  • Rose lever handle are the handles covering a small area of the point where these are connected to the door. These can also not support the lock system due to insufficient covered area. These handles supports the simple spring mechanism to open and close the door bolt.
  • Latch Lever Handle are the same as back plate handles but does not require locks to be placed in them.
  • Thumb lock lever handle Thumb lock handles are usually to be used in bathrooms and privet area where a person needs to lock the door from inside only and so the simple bolt connected in a thumb shape is sufficient.
  • Two sided lever handle are the lever handles usually can be seen in main doors of a house where people need them from both the sides to open and close and also lock them from both sides.

Door Knobs are the round handles which usually rotates clockwise or anticlockwise to perform their functions like bolting and unbolting the door or locks depending upon the mechanism function given to respective modals.

  • Dummy door knobs are the most seen knobs in households for cabinets and drawers. Theses door knobs cannot rotate and lock or unbolt but these are placed for a certain pull and push function to open and close the drawers and doors.
  • Two sided door knob are mostly seen in bedroom doors where their main function is to open and close from the both sides.
  • Privacy door knobs Privacy door knobs are the knobs using thumb bolts to lock the door from insides. These door knobs usually can be seen in a bathroom or changing room door.
  • Door knob locks are the knobs with locks fixed inside the clockwise and anticlockwise mechanism to lock the door from one side or both. These door knobs has a key hole in the middle of the knob to use the internal lock system.

Pull Handles are the most simple door handles usually made in a single body construct. These can be of metal, wood or plastic depending upon the consumer’s usage and choices.

  • D shape pull handles are the most common pull handles and most likely to be known as the first door handles. These are a single body objects facing the door from two ends while making a D shape to have space for hands to pull or push the doors they are connected to.
  • Curved Pull Handles are designed in ark shape and are attractive to look.
  • Antique Pull Handles are the handles carved up or molded in shapes upon them. These shapes can be a reference to any bird, animal, flower or sometimes plants and trees.
  • Cup Pull Handles are a single plate handle with a carved cup shape inside to put hands inside and perform the action required. These handles are used mostly to save space outside the drawers and cabinet doors.

Material to make door handles have changed from time to time as per their arrival and adoption in the societies. These material first known to be Iron and then bronze after brass and copper. But we can see some documentations where the royalties even have handles made of precious metals like gold and silver to show off their status. In modern days when the interior designing industry is booming and trying to introduce a new shape material and design every day. We can see door handles manufacturers making handles of almost every moldable or curable materials like Glass, Wood, Stone, Granite, Stainless steel, polished alloys and Plastic.

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